Fashion Flair

Combining value and sustainability, Ade and Samuel came together as a family to build a successful second hand clothing business from scratch on eBay

Adewumi came to the UK to obtain a higher degree whilst her husband taught mathematics. In 2011, after the couple had their first baby, they fell into financial hardship as both struggled to find work.

As a way to make extra money, Adewumi started selling gifts she had made on eBay, making her first sale in May 2012. She remembers her first piece of feedback which read “I am well pleased with my item and with the level of service you offered. You will prosper on eBay in the future”. It was this message that sparked the energy between her and her husband to keep on selling second-hand items together on eBay.

Fashion Flair specialises in second-hand and new shoes, clothing and bags, from both designer and high street brands. They add new items to their shop everyday to keep their offering fresh for their customers.

Last year, Fashion Flair saw exponential growth in their turnover, which led the couple to renting a warehouse and office area, where each hand picked item is sorted, listed and packed for sale. Adewumi and her husband hope to keep building on their success so far and even start employing staff in the near future.


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