McGill Motorsport

Turning a family passion for motorsport into a unique and innovative business

A passion for motorsport runs deep in the McGill family. And for 15 years they’ve channelled that passion into a successful business that counts World Rally Championship and even Formula One teams among its customers.

Named Family Business Award Winner at the eBay for Business Awards 2020, McGill Motorsport was born in 2005 when Billy McGill started buying parts for his race car while on work trips abroad. With prices cheaper than the local track shop, other drivers soon asked if he could bring back parts for them, too.

With 30 years’ experience in banking, Rachel McGill joined her husband to head a business that sources small, engineered parts in bulk and sells them on to customers. Using eBay has allowed the business to locate a niche market within eBay’s massive customer base. As the world financial crisis took hold in 2008, their keen pricing structure allowed the business to expand as more customers began to shop around for cheaper parts. And with Rachel’s strong sales skills and focus on customer service, those customers have remained loyal.

As the business has grown they’ve recruited a small team of staff and moved to ever larger premises, creating opportunities to stock bulkier products like seats and steering wheels. They’ve also opened a small showroom.

McGill Motorsport really is a family affair, with all three sons now giving up their engineering careers to join the business and help take it to the next level.

With a family passion for motorsport, they’ve also designed some revolutionary products.
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These include a unique and popular race car weight scale system which connects to mobile phones using an app and bluetooth – allowing race teams to easily set up their car and view their data. McGill Motorsport-branded parts will also appear shortly in a Formula One video game currently in development.

Award judges Michael and Chris Cleary were impressed by the family’s unique product range and their brilliant reputation in the industry. “We also love how it started out as a family hobby before they turned their passion into a successful business with all three of their sons,” they said. “The fact that they expanded during the 2008 financial crisis shows real business savvy, and can hopefully inspire those businesses facing issues as a result of the pandemic.”


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