Pegs and Pearls

An entrepreneur who took the plunge to leave the 9 to 5 to set up their own business on eBay and has never looked back

Victoria Eagle gave up her job in retail management when her son was born in 2012. Suffering from post-natal depression, she was also struggling with being unemployed, having worked her whole life.

She needed something she could do from home that fitted around her family life and gave her a sense of independence.

Victoria has always been a creative person. As a qualified wedding planner and a lover of art and fashion, she initially used eBay to sell unwanted clothes. In desperate need of a creative outlet, she started designing her own wedding invitations and, in September 2012, Pegs and Pearls was born.

In January 2013, the business took off, turning over £8,000 on eBay in that month alone. Victoria originally hoped that launching her eBay business would offer the equivalent money as her maternity pay – she never anticipated it would become a fully-fledged business with a salary to match the likes of her old 9 to 5 job.

From the dining room table to her own home office, Pegs and Pearls reinstated a sense of purpose in Victoria’s life, allowing her to work flexibly around the demands of a family and exercise her creativity.

Drawing inspiration from her love of fashion, Victoria stays ahead of the competition by keeping up with trends and applying them to her designs.

Pegs and Pearls now stocks a whole range of invitations, from birthday and engagement party invites, to thank you cards and framed prints.

Pegs and Pearls' Story
January 2013

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