Sarfraz, working in his father’s shoe shop in Leicester, started selling shoes in 2004 from the shop’s stockroom

Sarfraz Ibrahim started his business back in his university gap year in 2002, after seeing shoppers buy clearance stock from Adidas, where he worked part-time, and resell it on eBay. As it had always been his ambition to go into business for himself, he realised that if he wanted to carve a career path, online was the way to – and eBay was the best outlet for him to use.

Business quickly began booming, and then Shuperb was born on eBay! His two brothers also joined the business after they graduated from uni. While Sarfraz handled the company’s finances, one brother took on logistics and warehouse management, while the other handled marketing.

Their belief is that any business can make a change for the greater good. The business continues to push for sustainable initiatives either from suppliers or own brands, for example manufacturing vegan-friendly or recyclable footwear.

Launching Shuperb has changed the whole direction of Sarfraz and his family’s lives. But they’re always thinking about where they could go next, as part of their overall goal of becoming a globally recognised specialist online footwear retailer. They’re also working on developing their own brands further, which they are hoping to use the money from their eBay Award on.

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