Travelruss GB Stamps

For Malcolm Russell, it’s the little touches that have had a huge impact on the growth of Travelruss GB Stamps.

Malcolm never foresaw that he would become a stamp dealer, having spent 27 years as a salesman for a global tyre company. But after inheriting his father’s collection and curiously checking its value on eBay, he realised there was a viable business in stamps.

Soon after, Travelruss GB Stamps was born, with Malcolm eager to pursue a new career that would allow him to spend more time with his family. But he hasn’t looked back and the business has continued to flourish ever since, with Malcolm’s dedication to customer service a key driving force behind the growth of Travelruss GB Stamps.

From offering the most cost-effective way of purchasing, to posting within 24 hours and paying extra special attention to packaging – with personal notes included with every order – these little touches have made a huge impression in stamp collecting circles. It’s this building of trust and lasting relationships that have kept customers coming back.

You only have to look at Malcolm’s extensive and impressive list of 100% positive Feedback to see why he’s a winner of the Above & Beyond Award, which is testament to the standout customer service of Travelruss GB Stamps.


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