The eBay for Business Awards is back for 2022!

This Summer we’re putting sellers in the spotlight once again, recognising the power they have to grow from the humblest beginnings and succeed against the odds. Now in its sixth year, the eBay for Business Awards has uncovered some truly extraordinary journeys - and we can’t wait to hear yours.

From start-ups established among schoolbooks on the kitchen table, to businesses that have kept pace with surging online demand, we know there are so many inspiring stories waiting to be told.

So, we want to hear from you all – the creators and the crafters, the inventors and the inspired, the established and the embryonic.

Reward yourself for this year’s hard graft and put yourself in the hat for £10,000.

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It’s dead simple. If you run a business on eBay, you’re in the frame!

Did you clock a lockdown essential early on and grow a business from your garage?

Or is your family business adapting to the new dynamics of online demand and distribution?

It has been another year to remember, in so many different ways, and if you sell on eBay, then we want to hear about your experience – the good, the bad and the unbelievable.

This Summer we’re boosting our sellers more than ever, with £10,000 going to SIX different winners, as well as tailored business support packages.

So, what are you waiting for? Enter today.


Now in its sixth consecutive year, the eBay for Business Awards is all about giving our sellers a timely boost to their businesses.

Which is why we will be giving away £10,000 to 6 lucky winners to help ease the burden of a tricky first half of the year.

Our winners will each walk off with £10,000, plus top-class advice and support from our eBay teams.

The six prize winners will receive:

  • £10,000 cash prize
  • A package of tailored business benefits including a free anchor store subscription and enhanced growth support from dedicated eBay team members
  • Direct communication with eBay's PR & Marketing team who will be on the look-out to promote your business via media or campaigns

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