Amaviti Jewellers

As a stay at home mum to three autistic children, going back to work was not a plausible reality for founder Jan Tait.

Starting her own business was a way for her to become a working woman again, but also a dream come true for Jan: Amaviti Jewellers has enabled Jan to follow her passions for thrifting and vintage jewellery.

She has also been able to employ her daughter Andreja, whose post-university plans were put on hold by the pandemic, and who Jan says was one of her biggest inspirations for starting Amaviti. Andreja is focused on expanding Amaviti’s online presence, and has been enjoying working on the business so much she is looking to change her career path from teaching to marketing.

The most important aspect of starting a business for Jan was ensuring that her products were sustainable, and she believes this is what sets Amaviti apart. Amaviti’s entire inventory consists of “new-old stock” and pre-loved items that she curates and repairs with special care, meaning their carbon footprint comes only from the transit stage of production. Her approach is already bearing fruit, as Jan has already started to build a repeat customer base who love her selection and the pretty packaging.

Jan believes that her company’s ethos resonates with conscientious, modern day customers who care about the history and sustainability of their products. The items she stocks are also wide ranging, with something to suit every taste.

Jan has big plans to take Amaviti to new heights in the future. She envisions the business as Scotland’s number one online store for pre-loved jewellery - building both a thriving business and a legacy for her children.









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