Fro Seeds

Fro Seeds has embarked on an exciting growth journey ever since founder, Connor McNamara, took the leap into entrepreneurship.

Born from a love of organic gardening and sustainable living, Connor recognised an untapped opportunity and decided to take the leap into entrepreneurship in the form of Fro Seeds.

By combining his skills and passion, Connor has revolutionised the organic seeds market - ensuring a seamless and engaging shopping experience, as well as exceptional customer service. This is underpinned by compelling product listings that highlight the unique features and benefits of every vegetable, herb, flower and house plant seed stocked by Fro Seeds.

Part and parcel of Connor’s success can also be attributed to his background as a product designer across a range of different industries. This has carried across to Fro Seeds, where the business stands out for its diverse array of quality products, with a particular focus on organic varieties.

But beyond simply providing quality products, Connor’s ability to build a distinct brand identity, with eye-catching packaging designs, has been a key factor behind the success of the business.

Fro Seeds is undoubtedly one exciting start-up that has already seen exceptional growth, with a bright future ahead!


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