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An entrepreneur recognised by eBay as having a bright future and business career ahead of themselves.

Jaali Gates was just 18 years old when he was kicked out of school for poor behaviour.

Alienating himself from his friendship group and abusing drugs, he was hospitalised multiple times and suffered with severe mental health problems. In 2018, he was sent to Scotland for rehabilitation.

Following his return to England, he was determined to create a better life for himself. He went back to college but found no joy in it. It was then that Jaali started to spiral back into a state of depression. Jaali was losing motivation, afraid to leave the house and causing harm to himself physically and mentally.

Eventually, he knew something had to change. So, he reached out to his father in Scotland. His father’s side of the family had always been involved with the trade of antiques and jewellery, with a long-standing history of selling on eBay.

Confessing his situation to his father, he admitted he was unhappy with his life and asked to join him and start afresh, learning more about the eBay trade. Over the next few months, Jaali shadowed family members, taking in every piece of information.

He learnt about item specifics, categorisation, how to optimise listings and how to ensure excellent customer service. 

As his knowledge increased, so did his confidence and in March 2019 he set up his own eBay store, Gates Enterprises.
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Before he even found his niche in jewellery, he turned over £2,000. Over time, he began paying his own phone contract, paying for his own food and began rebuilding his relationships with friends. Jaali found a reputable supplier for his jewellery and began listing more and more.

As money doubled and tripled, Jaali was able to move into his own flat and continues to grow and develop as a self-employed entrepreneur with a truly bright future ahead.


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