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Before Rich started his business, he was working as a lawyer for a construction and engineering firm

During the pandemic, he found himself with extra time on his hands, and so decided to start selling childhood games consoles, video games and Pokémon cards on eBay, both as a hobby and to make some money in case the worst happened during the pandemic.

However, he quickly realised that trading cards sold very well on eBay, so with these first profits he purchased some stock from a wholesale games company, continuously reinvesting his profits into more stock. Listing by listing, Rich has scaled the business to where it is today.

Rich now works from home full-time, and couldn’t be happier with his work-life balance. Rich’s husband, Graeme, handles the bookkeeping and accounts while he focuses on selling, packing and social media.

The pandemic gave Neo a boost as people spending more time at home looked for ways to spend their time and money, but since then he’s had to figure out how to maintain interest in his business – which he’s done through social media, creating a personal brand for Neo through Instagram that has allowed Rich to put Neo on the map.

Engaging with the Pokémon community online and building a reputation as a trusted seller has boosted Neo’s growth on eBay, and led to partnerships with GAME, Zavvi and Very Neko, building Neo’s credibility as a trusted business in the trading card community.


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