Nikki Bradford

In 2004, Nikki Bradford found herself in her forties, starting again with limited options in the employment world.

She decided to sell on a Chanel bag she had been gifted years ago, and was recommended eBay as the best place to sell – and was surprised at just how quickly the bag sold!

 The process was infectious, so she carried on selling items she no longer used, and finding she had a knack for it, eventually branched out into buying and selling second-hand luxury items. Soon she had a loyal following, with clients approaching her to see if she would sell their items on a commission basis.

For Nikki, the business is a passion. It has afforded her great financial freedom, taught many valuable business lessons and provided jobs for family and friends. One of the things she takes pride in the most is that her daughters have learnt the value of passing items on, and that we all need to think about being more conscious consumers.

Covid-19 presented a huge challenge for Nikki, but being able to lean on eBay’s community and her core following on the platform meant that it was able to come out the other side stronger than ever.

2022 has been an incredibly exciting year for Nikki: hers was the only luxury business invited to provide luxury pre-loved clothing for Love Island, as part of eBay’s pre-loved clothing partnership with the reality show. 2022 has also seen Nikki’s business expand out of her home, as she has just moved into a 2,000 sq. ft. office space!


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