RTK Technology

Before setting up their own business, Richard Ellis and his brother both worked in managed services in the IT industry.

After discussing the problem of what people and businesses do with their old tech when they buy new items, the pair came upon the idea for Relltek and their eBay shop, RTK Technology.

After a few months of spending any free time they had in the garage, the business started to pick up. They took a huge risk and quit their day jobs. Fast forward to today, they now have a team of 14, including 2 apprentices who are looking to move into project management and team leader roles within the company.

Impact is at the core of the business - not just as their products help businesses significantly reduce their e-waste, but also through their own practices, as they plant trees for every asset they process and donate devices to charities and people in need.

Richard and his brother plan to launch a new arm of their company that will enable them to support the development of full lifecycle solutions by helping businesses identify how they can reduce their carbon emissions and then working with them to implement solutions.

They have a long way to go to establish their name in the industry, but RTK would not be where they are today without the success of the eBay store. They recently moved into a larger facility by investing all of their profits - winning the Impact Award this year has gone a long way to proving that that risk was worthwhile!


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