A business that started out from an organic idea with huge potential for growth.

Following the closure of his online fitness company in 2007, qualified sports physiologist, Adam Ashford, was looking for a new venture. With a baby on the way and his parents and older brother all suffering from poor health, Adam needed a role that would allow him to be at home to support his family.

Adam was always a huge Star Wars fan and had been collecting memorabilia since his late teens. Inspired by the popularity of the brand, he decided to list some of his collectors’ items on eBay.

When the sales started coming in, he began visiting local charity shops searching for similar products to boost his inventory and he established his eBay shop, Star Wars Figures.

After the birth of his son, Adam saw the opportunity to add children’s toys and products from other popular brands and franchises, such as Disney and Lego, to his store. As his son grew older and more interested in collectibles, the business became a way for the pair to spend precious time together, bonding over their shared interest.

Today, Adam has turned a £50 investment into over £150,000 in sales and is building a stable future for his family, who rely on him.

The business is at a turning point where investment and growth are crucial, as Adam plans to build up a larger product base and take things to the next level.
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